Motorhomes by Carthago – Welcome home

What could be better than sleeping in your own bed on a trip and feeling at home? Travelling with a Carthago motorhome is luxurious premium class travelling on four wheels!

When you buy a motorhome, you will always be comfortable, convenient and safe on the road with both ourPremium semi-integrated and integrated models- no matter where the road takes you.

The right motorhome

Who is allowed to drive what at all? Since the introduction of the Class B driving licence on 1 January 1999, holders of the new licence are only permitted to drive a vehicle up to a maximum of 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. With our lightweights, you also benefit in this case in terms of road traffic regulations: you are less restricted in terms of maximum speed, overtaking or parking.


Premium coachbuilt

Dynamic and comfortable – simply Carthago

They are the coupés among motorhomes – flat, stylish and dynamic. The slender driver’s cabin gives you a feeling of security and gives the motorhome great handling. The flat profile of the roof connection optimises the aerodynamics and gives coachbuilt motorhomes a bit of sportiness for the way.
An attractive side-effect: because of the original driver’s cabin of your basic vehicle, the coachbuilt motorhomes are always somewhat more cost-effective then the elaborate A class motorhomes. The T-models therefore represent the entry level to the world of Carthago motorhomes.


Liner premium class of integrated motorhomes

Liner-Premiummodelle: Luxus-Urlaub auf höchstem Niveau

Carthago motorhomes are all of high quality, with many cleverly thought-out details. But our Liner Premium Class puts the proverbial icing on the cake: Do not do without any comfort during your holiday, enjoy self-sufficiency and a feel-good atmosphere.

The interior impresses with its look, feel and function thanks to high-quality materials and innovative solutions. The comfortable, large seating groups in the luxury motorhomes invite you to linger, the kitchens offer plenty of work surfaces and storage space to conjure up great menus.

The bathroom worlds of the premium motorhomes are also exceptional – depending on the model, you can expect a comfort bathroom or a room bathroom. The XL bathrooms in our XL models remain unsurpassed: an open wash area with generous shower, separate toilet room, large mirrored wall and solid wooden sliding doors for partitioning create a true bathing paradise reminiscent of a wellness holiday.

The special feature: All Carthago models surprise with a changing room. A few hand movements are enough to create a changing room between the living area and the bedroom which is protected from view. So your luxury motorhome can do both: it gives you an unobstructed view of the landscape through the panoramic windows and at the same time protects you from outside glances in moments when you want to maintain your privacy.

As a motorhome manufacturer in the premium segment, our motorhomes always provide sufficient storage space and space for a spacious living and sleeping landscape, in which you will want for nothing. With a luxury motorhome from Carthago you wake up in the morning in a large bed, enjoy the freshly brewed coffee comfortably at the living room table and start the day in peace with a magnificent view of the landscape. Our Premium motorhomes promise security and a feel-good ambience – you will love the Carthago travel feeling! Semi-integrated motorhomes are the entry-level models and convince with dynamic and slim design – perfect for the weekend trip to your dream city or the next holiday at the seaside. The integrated motorhome models are our core competence and are equipped with everything that travel at the highest level entails: individual design with a noble motorhome interior, the best view and a feeling of space in a class of its own. Enjoy your five-star hotel on wheels and spend unforgettable moments on your trip. Why not spend the whole winter in the warm south?

Whether with a partially integrated or a premium integrated, with our Carthago motorhomes you will collect countless unique travel memories and enjoy exclusive lifestyle – Welcome to your Carthago motorhome!